Rob Britton is a B78 coach.

“Rob’s professional cycling career is nothing compared to where his professional triathlon career is going. And he’s great at changing flat tires.” – Jasper

“B78 Powered programs are well designed and fun. Even though I do most of my training alone, the Facebook forum helps me stay well connected and supported by the rest of the B78 coaches and athletes.”
by Tony Zarsadias- Owner of The Condo Group- B78 Vancouver Marathon Powered Program


Jasper Blake coaches spin class at  Catalyst

“Jasper looks great in lycra.” – Anonymous


“Jasper's program helped me achieve a personal best and win my first 30 km trail race. The program was well organized and pushed me to my peak potential!”
by Chris Bratseth winner of 19th Annual Marathon Shuffle- B78 Powered Marathon Program

be you - It is something I really believe and I think it is why I have enjoyed your coaching so much because it is the message you send. I never felt like you were trying to coach the person I wasn’t, by giving me training or advice that has worked for others but might not be the best for me. You figured out what I needed to do to so that I could be me out there.

Using that philosophy you coached me to finish my first Ironman and I won my age category and then come back the next year and took 10 minutes off my time. All by focussing on the process and not the outcome. Be you!”
by Sandra Foweraker- Ironman Canada Champion Age Group 45-49

A guy runs beside a mountain lake as the cool sun begins to set

Adam can’t quite shake the feeling that he’s being followed. Run Adam.

Swim faster with B78

We have a world class team.

“Since I’ve been with B78, I am 20% faster over 10Km, and just beat my best 1/2 marathon time by over 13 minutes! The programs are specific to my needs, provide enough technical details...”
by Tony Zarsadias CEO Condo Group Incorporated Former professional cyclist


“Since the day I met Jasper in September 1987 I have been a better person. Jasper has a contagious spirit that is genuine, caring, energetic and humble. He has taught us that pursuing a dream is a road full of ups and downs and that no mater which direction you are heading it is full of learning. He has the ability to transcend defeat and share in victory. He is a true giver. Jasper is an amazing Husband and Dad and an incredible son and brother to a family wrought with humility, endurance and love.”
by Graydon Oldfield

“Jasper was able to coach me to listen to my body and encouraged me to push my boundaries. I loved having my workouts posted on line a month out. It allowed me to be proactive with my scheduling and adjust for conflicts.”
by Shannon Wilson
“Working with Adam and B78 has been awesome. As a triathlete trying to turn myself into a trail runner, I could not have asked for a better coach than Adam. He’s a great resource, always available to answer questions or offer encouragement. On top of that, he continually challenges me with a smart and effective training program. I’m running more hilly kilometers than I ever thought possible – and loving every minute of it.”
by Karyn Anderson
“Did u know that since I started working with Christine and Jasper that I have dropped 10% body weight? I was 162 at Xmas and I\'m now 145 (at 5ft8). Amazing! Not only that, I\'m so much stronger and more confident than before. I feel absolutely amazing! Thanks for keeping me on task and focused on my goals.”
by Colette Hopkins
“My experience with B78 Coaching this year has been nothing but awesome! With Jasper\'s help I\'ve achieved a 5-minute personal best on my sprint triathlon time and really improved my confidence on the bike. I am certain that this is only the beginning of great things to come! Jasper is incredibly knowledgeable about triathlon, running, and sports science, and he\'s also a really great guy, and does lots of little things to keep you motivated and laughing and smiling through the ups and downs of training. Thanks Jazz and B78 for helping to bring out the Warrior and Awesome Athlete in me! :)”
by Kim McIvor
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