Ty Andrews

published on 2017.01.30

Grew up in Calgary playing hockey and mountain biking. Got into mountain bike racing at 14 and over the following years transitioned to primarily road and track racing with two medals at the Canadian Junior Track Nationals as well as joining the Canadian Junior National Road Team for one European project.

After graduating high school I came out to Victoria to attend UVic. I’ve been training and racing from Vic for the past 6 years and am currently racing with the Trek-RedTruck team for 2017 and will be graduating from Mechanical Engineering in August 2017.


3rd – Kilo – Canadian Junior Track Nationals
3rd – Peninsula Coop Sprint Challenge VIctori cycling
classic 2015
3rd – BC Spring series 2016
1st Windsor Park Crit 2015

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Instagram: @tythetyger

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