We deliver coaching services and training programs for triathletes, runners and cyclists. Programs are designed specifically for each individual. Our team of coaches has over 50 years of combined competition and/or coaching experience. Most of our coaches are former top level athletes ranging from Ironman champions to Olympians who carry with them priceless knowledge that can only be gained in the field. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the relationships we form with our athlete/clients. We care about our athletes and it shows in how we deliver.


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September 1, 2015
It’s September! This month seems to signify the end of summer and the start of Cyclocross season. Cyclocross has been growing steadily in the last few years particularly in North America. If you haven’t tried this awesome sport maybe you … Continue reading
August 27, 2015
Are you racing? Are you nervous? If you said yes that’s good, because it means you care. And caring is good because it means you will get more out of yourself than if you don’t care. But let’s not let … Continue reading
August 24, 2015
As September approaches it usually means an unofficial end to the race season especially in triathlon in North America. If you are going to the World Championships in Hawaii or have a race scheduled deeper into the fall this post … Continue reading
August 20, 2015
Did you have a bad workout? Are you upset about that? Well here’s a news flash for you….nobody cares about it as much as you do so suck it up and move on. The worst thing you can do is … Continue reading
August 18, 2015
It’s easy to win when you are in a race with other people and you come across the line in first place. It’s easy because it’s measureable. But how can you win when nobody is watching? Technically speaking you can’t … Continue reading
August 11, 2015
Mental strategies for sport often revolve around what to do on race day before or during the event. Most athletes and coaches will focus on these critical moments to reach into their bag of mental strategies. These tools are good … Continue reading