We deliver coaching services and training programs for triathletes, runners and cyclists. Programs are designed specifically for each individual. Our team of coaches has over 50 years of combined competition and/or coaching experience. Most of our coaches are former top level athletes ranging from Ironman champions to Olympians who carry with them priceless knowledge that can only be gained in the field. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the relationships we form with our athlete/clients. We care about our athletes and it shows in how we deliver.


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November 14, 2016
Your training week should consist of several key workouts that target a specific training response. In other words, there should be several workouts that are truly “work”. It is not necessary nor productive to smash yourself every day but it … Continue reading
November 6, 2016
We often equate sportsmanship with the ability to be gracious in defeat. This is definitely one of the cornerstones of sportsmanship but it need not be the only measure. In fact, sometimes it’s very difficult to be gracious when someone … Continue reading
November 1, 2016
1. Get Stronger Strength for endurance sport is not the same as strength to be Mr. or Mrs. Universe. The primary goal should be to build a solid platform that allows you to maintain form, handle load under increasing levels … Continue reading
October 18, 2016
Being a great triathlete requires being an athlete first. Too many people get caught up in the linear, repetitive actions of triathlon for 12 months of the year and forget to spend time developing other athletic skills. The latest research … Continue reading
October 4, 2016
As we get closer to the big show in Kona here are a few things to keep in mind when you are getting ready to race in the heat. 1. Get acclimated The single most valuable thing you can do … Continue reading
September 27, 2016
A change can be as good as a break. Last week we discussed the idea of stopping until you miss it. This week let’s consider the idea changing things up as a suitable substitute for stopping all together. Endurance sports … Continue reading


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